Brewster Coastal Advisory Group Report

In fall 2015, the Town received a coastal resiliency grant from the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management Program for the conduct a facilitated pubic engagement process to develop a community-based coastal adaptation strategy. In response to high levels of public interest regarding coastal issues, and to ensure that the Strategy reflects community wisdom and scientific information, the Brewster Board of Selectmen convened the Brewster Coastal Advisory Group (BCAG) to involve residents and stakeholders in a public process – incorporating vulnerability and risk information with public needs, concerns, and values. Members of the BCAG were selected, based on applications of interest, to represent a range of perspectives, demographics, and points of view within the community. BCC members were also members of the BCAG and, during the facilitated process, the BCC meetings were suspended. The Selectmen’s goal for the BCAG was “to develop and publicly present a set of strategies and mechanisms to address key community vulnerabilities, issues, and priorities and to identify the community’s preferred adaptation strategies.” The final product of this effort is the Brewster Coastal Adaptation Strategy,  click here to download.

A paper copy of the report is available for review during normal business hours in the Brewster Selectmen’s office at Town Hall.