Drummer Park Dog Regulation

The Board of Selectmen of the Town of Brewster, acting as Park Commissioners and by virtue of the authority delegated to it under Chapter 45 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, hereby adopts the following regulation pertaining to Drummer Boy Park.

I. Purpose.

Whereas, the Board of Selectmen finds that numerous residents and visitors bring their dogs to Drummer Boy Park, a multi-user facility, where children play within an un-fenced play ground, and people frequently picnic and otherwise sit on the grass during concerts and other events held at the park.

Whereas, the Board of Selectmen finds that there are potential dangers that arise when dogs are allowed off-leash within this multi-user park and when dog owners do not immediately pick up and remove their dog’s fecal waste.

Therefore, in order to provide for the safety of all park users and for the proper governance of this multi- user facility, the Board of Selectmen hereby adopts the following regulation pursuant to Chapter 45, Sections 5, 14 and 24 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

II. Dogs Permitted.

Where not otherwise prohibited by applicable state or local law, and subject to the regulations set forth herein, dogs shall be permitted in Drummer Boy Park; provided, however, no dogs shall be allowed at any time within the clearly demarcated playground area.

III. Restraint.

Dogs within the permitted areas of Drummer Boy Park shall be restrained at all times on a leash no longer than 10’ in length.

IV. Waste Removal.

Any person owning or having care, custody or control of any dog at Drummer Boy Park shall immediately pick up and dispose of all fecal waste in a sanitary manner and in the properly marked receptacles located within the park. This section shall not apply to physically handicapped persons having sole custody or control of said dog.

V. Violations, Penalties & Enforcement

In accordance with Chapter 45, Section 24 of the General Laws, whoever violates any provision of this regulation shall be punished by a fine of fifty ($50.00) dollars per occurrence. Resort to disposition by fining shall lie within the discretion of the enforcing officer and shall exist wholly in addition to all other available enforcement alternatives. Any enforcing officer who takes cognizance of a violation of this regulation, and who elects to proceed to fine pursuant to this section, shall give the offender a written citation. The Police Chief and/or Board of Selectmen may designate individuals to act as their agents for the enforcement of this Park Regulation and authorize them to issue fines and citations on behalf of the Town.

Whereby, the foregoing Drummer Boy Park Regulation is hereby adopted by the Brewster Board of Selectmen on this 17th day of June, 2013 and shall become effective immediately.

Drummer Boy Dog Regulation (6/17/13)