Fire Department Building Committee

The Board of Selectmen have created a 5 member committee to work with the Owner Project Manager, Architect, Town Administrator, Fire Chief and other interested parties to insure that the construction of a new Fire Department Headquarters is constructed with quality building materials by a certified general contractor and sub-contractors on time and within budget. If you are interested in serving on the Committee please fill out a ‘ Serve Your Community Form ” and return it to Susan Broderick in the Selectmen’s office. The Complete charge of the Committee is attached. 

Responsibilities of the Brewster Fire Station Building Committee

The Brewster Board of Selectmen (BOS) has charged the Fire Station Building Committee with insuring the construction of a new state-of-the-art fire department facility as approved by the Town is constructed with quality building materials and practices by a certified general contractor and sub-contractors on-time and within budget. To achieve this goal the Building Committee shall work and communicate with the Owners Project Manager, Project Architect, Town Administrator, Fire Chief, and all other interested project stakeholders.

To ensure project success and completion of the duties assigned by the Board of Selectmen the committee is authorized to manage, review, and approve all components of the project including but not limited to:

  • Final site design
  • Final floor plan and building elevations
  • Final interior and exterior design features
  • Development and issuance of construction “Request for Proposal” documents
  • Upon submittal of required construction bids provide recommendations and assist Owners Project Manager in selection of General Contractor
  • Develop and recommend a coordinated approach to the construction site to minimize disruption to abutters and loss of Town services
  • Conduct an assessment concerning the potential use of renewable energy as a source of power for the facility and if deemed feasible implement same
  • Report directly to the BOS and provide periodic project updates and reports
  • Provide recommendations and review of the interior furnishings, interior finishing’s, and equipment required for the facility
  • Assist the Owners Project Manager and Project Architect in the oversight of the selected contractor and be responsible for the review and recommendation for potential or documented change orders and invoices
  • Designate two (2) committee members available to attend weekly or bi-weekly site meetings as necessary for the duration of the project to discuss project status, construction schedule, site/building issues, questions regarding specifications of plan details, and any other matters that need to be addressed/coordinated
  • Initiate reviews and make recommendations as may be deemed necessary by the committee to successfully accomplish the construction work in accordance with the terms and conditions of the project plans design specifications, and the funding allocated for the project
  • Review with the Owners Project Manager and Project Architect the project closeout or “punch list” of work remaining to be done and ensure all work is completed as detailed in the design plan and specifications
  • The Committee's work will be complete when all construction and contractual obligations for the new Fire Station have been completed and a certificate of occupancy issued by the Town of Brewster