Regarding Signage

It is the most popular season here on Cape Cod which not only increases the people activity but inevitably sign activity along our streets. I would like to take this time to remind all that Brewster, as with all towns in Massachusetts, has bylaws that regulate signage for size, numbers, location, lighting, etc. These regulations can be viewed on the Town of Brewster web site by following these directions:

1. Go to
2. Click on “Committees” (left hand side)
2. Click on “Planning Board” (left hand side)
3. Click on Zoning Bylaws
4. Scroll down to Article VI

As this specific bylaw is reviewed, it becomes quite apparent that all signage whether permanent or temporary and including flags and banners are captured by the above noted regulations. Most signage requires a permit from the Building Department. Most signage will also have to obtain Certificate of Appropriateness from the Brewster Historic District Committee.

It is hopeful that this letter will serve to introduce (or reintroduce) all to this specific bylaw and identify permit responsibility for signage. All signs relating to a business conducted on a particular property do require an associated permit. I would request at this time that all signage that cannot be verified to have obtained a permit be removed until a permit has been issued. If a non-permitted sign remains in place, fines may be imposed.

Brewster Zoning Bylaws which include the sign regulations are bylaws that are adopted and amended by at least a two-thirds majority of the townspeople at a town meeting which affords these bylaws a high amount of respect. Therefore, if one feels that the sign bylaws are too restrictive, the options available for redressment are to submit changes to the town for consideration or petition the Brewster Board of Appeals for a specific Variance.

I am of the understanding that the Brewster Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade Union (BCC & BTU) have initiated discussion with both the Brewster Historic District Committee and the Planning Board for sign bylaw amendment considerations. If you have any suggestions, you may wish to contact BCC & BTU.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the businesses that maintain the integrity of compliance with the aforementioned bylaws which truly enhance the character of the Town of Brewster. If you are not sure if all of your signs have appropriate permits or have questions regarding this sign bylaw, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Victor E. Staley
Building Commissioner
cc: Planning Board
Brewster Historic District Committee