Regarding Signage, 6/1/10

June 1, 2010

Re: Signage

Dear Business Owner:

Several years ago I wrote a letter to the Brewster Business Community on the topic of signage and described how the Brewster Municipal Zoning Bylaws interact with signs. I would like to thank the businesses that maintain the integrity of compliance with the Bylaws which truly enhance the character of the Town of Brewster.

Brewster is a very attractive community in part because of the local Zoning Bylaws which include sign regulations. According to the Brewster Sign Bylaws (Brewster Zoning Bylaw Article VI), a sign is defined as “any permanent or temporary structure, device, letter, word, model, banner, pennant, insignia, trade flag or other such device which is used to advertising purposes or to inform the public”. Generally all signs require permits to be obtained from the Building Department except for specific political signs, temporary real estate and construction signs and handicap parking signs (required if over 14 parking spaces).

Unfortunately, the Brewster sign culture seems to be deteriorating as last summer proved to have the highest number of illegal sign installations. The Building Department was contacted on numerous occasions regarding illegal signs which not only add to the sign pollution but can become a safety hazard if placed too close to a street intersection. It is my responsibility to respond to these complaints and, as such, effective June 11th we will be requiring that all Brewster businesses be held accountable for violations to the Bylaw which will result in fines.

If you wish to have signage that conflicts with the Brewster Zoning Bylaw, you have the right to petition the Board of Appeals for a Variance or work with the Planning Department to revise the Bylaw language.

Again, I ask that you check to make sure that all of the signage on your property falls within the designated parameters. If you have any questions or require additional clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Victor E. Staley
Building Commissioner