Dolphin stranding near Point of Rocks

As the winter approaches, it is more common to see stranded marine mammals such as the dolphin that stranded at low tide yesterday west of Point of Rocks.  The animal was assessed; determined to be healthy, then released into deeper water up in Provincetown.

To report a stranding, call (508) 743-9548, the emergency hotline for the Cape Cod Stranding Network, a division of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

Also keep your eyes open for stranded sea turtles; the cold winds and rapidly cooling water stuns them and they drift in with the high tides.

If you find a turtle, move it above the high tide line, cover it with wrack or eelgrass to keep the wind off it, and mark it so we can find it later. 

Then, call the Wellfleet Bay Audubon stranding network at 508-349-2615 and leave a message as to its location. Please be as specific as possible in giving directions from the nearest beach access so we can recover the turtle quickly.  These turtles are often so cold and lethargic you cannot tell if they are alive, and they must be warmed back up very slowly to allow them a chance to survive.