Dolphin strandings continue

Dolphin strandings continue across Cape Cod bay from Dennis to Wellfleet.  Yesterday February 7th an additional 14 animals stranded overnight and perished off Ellis Landing and points west.  In the past few weeks, 146 dolphins have stranded off the Cape. Of those animals, 92 were found dead. Of the 54 found alive, 37 have been successfully released.  The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), the marine mammal stranding organization for Cape Cod,  responds to live or dead stranded marine mammals.  Call the stranding hotline at 508-743-9548.  As they investigate the strandings, they have been marking deceased animals with red tags on their dorsal fin and paint markings.  If you find a deceased animal with no tag or markings, or a different color tag such as orange, please call it in.


The Natural Resources Department responded to a mass stranding of dolphins off Sea Pines on Wednesday February 1st mid day.  9 common dolphins had stranded at low tide.  IFAW responded, along with many volunteers.  The rescue was successful, ending with all nine animals recovered, assessed and released into deeper waters off Head of the Meadows in Truro.  Thanks to the DNR staff (Chris, Ryan, Jim, and Matt), Brewster Police, and all the volunteers who assisted with the efforts.