Brewster Ponds Meeting 10/29/15

Tom Cambareri, Water Resources Program Manager of the Cape Cod Commission, will provide a glimpse into the future of our ponds and how they will be a part of the Cape Cod 208 Water Quality Management Plan, as the keynote speaker at The Brewster Ponds Coalition Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 29. Tom has 30 years of experience in Cape Cod water resources issues. He initiated the Cape’s first Pond and Lakes Stewardship conference in 2001. Tom, his staff, and numerous local, regional, and state partners teamed up to provide regional pond and lake sampling coordination, technical assistance, the Cape Cod Pond and Lake Atlas and town interpretative pond reports.

The event takes place from 5:30 – 7:00 PM at The Brewster Ladies Library, 1822 Main Street, Brewster. Refreshments will be available starting at 5:30 PM. The meeting will begin at 6PM. A brief review of first year accomplishments and goals for 2016 will take place, and a slate of Board members will also be elected. Everyone is invited to attend.

“Tom is someone that I have great personal admiration for,” said Karen Malkus-Benjamin, President, Brewster Ponds Coalition. “Tom will share his deep knowledge of Cape Cod’s fresh water and we will hear for the first time about the future focus of Cape Cod's 208 Water Quality Management Plan and the County’s role in helping Cape Cod's ponds,” she said.

For more information on this growing organization, to volunteer and become a member, visit, or telephone 508-896-6655 or mail: Brewster Ponds Coalition, PO Box 459, Brewster MA 02631