Wing Island trail/bridge and field restoration 2010.03.25

The winters storms and high tides that caused the beach erosion also took a toll on the walkway across the marsh to Wings Island.  Several marsh planks were washed off and the bridge across the ditch ended up some distance to the west up on shore.  Today we gathered a team of volunteers to fix the planks and move the bridge back into position.

The bridge was way too far away and far too heavy to lift and carry, so we brought out the DNR Kubota using a series of planks and mats to protect the marsh surface.

This bridge was built to float up on pipes sunk into the marsh.  Unfortunately, with very high water and wave action, that can make the bridge into a pretty lousy boat.

We're hoping to redesign the bridge this spring, making something lower to the marsh and permanently attached (i.e., hopefully it won't float away).

A great volunteer effort; took a good 2.5 hours to complete.  We're now working to mow down the woody vegetation in the field on the island.