Volunteers wanted for the DNR

The Brewster Department of Natural Resources is an excellent way to get involved in the community . It offers three different volunteer programs to choose from.

Land Management/ Maintenance
  • Assist with implementing land management plans for various town owned properties
  • Removal of invasive species using hand tools
  • Conduct routine trail maintenance
  • Organize a community based volunteer day to maintain or clean town owned property
  • Maintain the grounds around the shellfish departmment
The Land Management/ Maintenance position is a great way to learn about land management, habitat restoration, and trail construction and maintenance.

Water Technician:
  • Weekly water samples are taken from the Town's public swimming beaches and ponds
  • Monthly water samples are taken from Long Pond, which include using the instruments: YSI, secchi disk and grab sample tube
  • Assist with water samples taken at Captain's Golf Course
  • Help organize a community Beach Sweep
  • Weekly maintenance and cleaning of the department's boats
The water Technician position is ideal for learning about vessels, field sampling, community outreach, and boat maintenance

Shellfish Aquaculture/ Propagation Assistant:
  • Oysters are sorted by size at low tide and relocated to designated beds
  • Repair of shellfish gearing equipment
  • Transport and distribute quahogs to designated areas
  • Maintain department boats
  • Develop educational programs such as "Learn to Shellfish Day"
  • Assist with town's mooring regulations
The Shellfish Aquaculture/ Propagation Assistant position will help you learn more about the life cycle of certain species of shellfish. You will also learn how to maintain shellfish farms.

If you are in high school and looking to learn valuable "life skills" while serving your community, then fill out an application at the Brewster Department of Natural Resources. Pick any of the three positions that best interests you. We hope you join the volunteer program of the Brewster Natural Resources Department. If you have any other questions or want to learn more check out all of the information we have to offer on our website...