Projects & Giving

Many families generously make donations to the Brewster Council on Aging. Whether it is done in honor of a loved one that has passed on or someone that is very appreciative of our support and services, these gifts make a big difference at our Senior Center.

In order to properly commemorate this type of donation, we have asked Karen North Wells to pain a mural of Paine's Creek in the first floor large room. The talented students of Nauset Regional High School's Shop Class are designing fishes and plaques will be engraved with the individual's or group's name on them. There are 3 donation levels:

  • Bronze: $500+
  • Silver: $1000+
  • Gold: $5000+

Your donation will be used solely for the benefit of the Senior Center

For more information, please call Denise Rego at the Senior Center at 508-896-2737