Cape Cod Sea Camps Acquisition Aligned with Resident Feedback on Community Goals and Priorities

In considering whether the Town should seek to acquire the Cape Cod Sea Camps properties, the Brewster Select Board and Town Administration analyzed the extent to which such acquisitions would be consistent with recent public input.  After reviewing key planning documents that were informed by extensive community feedback, they determined that these acquisitions would align with many goals expressed by our residents.  A summary of the alignment between these potential acquisitions and the priorities identified in the Vision Plan, Open Space and Recreation Plan, Coastal Resource Management Plan, and Housing Production Plan can found here.

Background information on these planning documents and related outreach processes:

Brewster’s Vision Plan was created in 2018 by a committee of community volunteers following extensive public engagement over 18 months. The plan expresses how residents want to see Brewster evolve in the future. The Vision Plan goals identify specific actions that Brewster residents would like to see the community achieve.

The Open Space and Recreation Plan, last updated in 2020, provides a blueprint for the Town for recreation planning and continued conservation efforts. It compiles the views of the public and is required so the Town remains eligible for State open space grants.

Completed in 2019, the Coastal Resource Management Plan provides policy direction for Brewster’s management of coastal resources and is based on extensive public engagement.

The Housing Production Plan (2017) lays out the Town’s goals for increasing varied types of housing to meet community needs.

The Town has established a webpage with information about the potential acquisition of the Sea Camps properties at