Brewster Hosts “Let’s Talk Trash” Public Forum

The Brewster Department of Public Works hosted a forum on Tuesday, August 6 about solid waste and recycling in Brewster – municipal activities with broad economic and environmental implications for the Town.

“Let’s Talk Trash” presenters discussed topics including major trends in trash and recycling in the United States, current operations at Brewster’s Recycling Center, plastics and plastics recycling markets, and what individuals can do to reduce the amount of trash they produce. The presentation is available for download in PDF format.

The program highlighted important waste strategies Brewster has adopted, including:

  • launching Pay-As-You-Throw in 2013 which cut the Town’s trash volume from 3,195 tons in 2012 to 1,147 tons in 2018 (with major cost savings)
  • trucking the Town’s trash to Yarmouth instead of Rochester, saving the Town money and reducing the environmental impact of trucking the waste farther
  • implementing a plastic bag ban, which takes effect in Brewster in 2020
  • preparing a policy to reduce the use of single-use plastic beverage bottles on Town property
  • installing water bottle-filling stations at Brewster Town Hall to offer an alternative to buying single use plastic bottles
  • The program also identified numerous other strategies Town government departments have used for years to reduce their environmental impact.

A video of the program may be viewed at Select ‘August 6 Let’s Talk Trash Community Forum’ under the “Other Government Meetings” tab. Or click here to go directly to the video.