Please click here to access the latest Town of Brewster updates on the Coronavirus

Brewster Cumulative Cases: 409 (108 in long-term care facilities)
Please note - # of cases may differ from state or county totals based on data collection methods. Long term care facility data reported to the state database includes all residents and staff tested at the facility. Brewster totals only include residents and staff that reside in Brewster. Click here for a chart of cases by date.

The Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment offers a helpline for COVID related questions, Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm, at 1-774-330-3001. 

Due to current public health data and state restrictions, Town offices are closed to the public until further notice.

November Recycling Challenge: Tips Of The Week

Here are some recycling tips you can try this week to cut the amount of trash you create and improve your recycling:

  1. Recycle the right things. For help, visit “RecycleSmartMA Recyclopedia at
  2. Don’t throw usable items away. Instead donate, sell, or swap them.
  3. Keep it clean. Make sure recyclables are clean, empty, and dry.
  4. Cut down on kitchen waste. Use washable towels instead of paper and store food in reusable containers.
  5. Stop junk-mail. Try the “PaperKarma” app on your smart phone.
  6. Recycle textiles in the Salvation Army bins at the Recycling Center.
  7. Make recycling easy in your home. Set up an easy to use system.

Let’s cut the amount of trash we put in Pay-As-You-Throw bags by avoiding buying items that produce waste as well as recycling more of what can be recycled. Our goal is to reduce Brewster’s solid waste volume and increase the volume of recycling in November 2019. We’ll compare our efforts with data from November 2018.

For more information, check the “November Recycling Challenge” calendar for 30 tips.