Reminders from the Brewster Recycling Commission

Businesses and residents should note that the Thin-Film Plastic Bag Ban goes into effect July 1, 2021.After that time, residents should bring reusable bags (or refuse a bag for small purchases) and businesses may offer only the alternative bags as per the legislation. Businesses are entitled to charge a fee if they wish.

Additionally, at the Fall 2020 Town Meeting, a ban on the commercial Sale of Single-use Plastic Water Bottles was passed and becomes effective on September 1, 2021.  On that date “it shall be unlawful to sell non-carbonated, unflavored drinking water in single-use plastic bottles of less than one gallon in the Town of Brewster”.

The Brewster Recycling Commission is prepared to help businesses transition to a greener alternative. Please reach out to the Town Administrator’s office (email: if you have questions about either of the bylaws.