Agricultural Commission

Committee Members

Stephan  Brown Member 6/30/20
Peter  Herrmann Member 6/30/19
Anthony  Holguin Alternate 6/30/19
Rebecca  Howes Member 6/30/19
David  Miller Member 6/30/20
Robert  Richardson Member 6/30/21
Jane  Weber Member 6/30/20

The Brewster Agricultural Commission was established in 2005 by Brewster town meeting voters and is comprised of seven members and an alternate.

In an attempt to identify and serve the agricultural interests of Brewster, the following definitions of ‘farming’ and ‘agriculture’ as outlined in Massachusetts General Law Chapter 128 Sec. 1A, are being applied.

* Farming in all its branches and the cultivation and tillage of the soil

* Dairying

* Production, cultivation, growing, and harvesting of any agricultural, aquacultural, floricultural, viticultural or horticultural commodities

* Growing and harvesting of forest products upon forest land, and any other forestry or lumbering operations

* Raising of livestock including horses

* Keeping horses as a commercial enterprise

* Keeping and raising of poultry, swine, cattle, ratites (such as emus, ostriches and rheas) and camelids (such as llamas and camels), and other domesticated animals for food and other agricultural purposes, including bees and fur-bearing animals.

Agendas & Minutes

BOH Animal Regulations

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