Cemetery Commission

Committee Members

Sophia Sayigh 6/30/2024
Thomas Rogers 6/30/2022
James Jones 6/30/2023

Brewster has seven cemeteries, Pine Grove, Brewster Memorial, Sears, First Parish/Breakwater, Dillingham, Red Top, and Lincoln/Foster. Plots are being sold through the Department of Public Works for Brewster Memorial Cemetery. Brewster Memorial contains an area for green burial as well as one for vaulted burials. Four cremations may be placed in each plot, but only one headstone may be used or in the case of a green burial site, a flat stone is used.

The commission is actively involved with restoration work in First Parish/Breakwater, Sears, and Lincoln/Foster. There are no more plots to be sold in Pine Grove and returned plots will be used as open space and not placed on the market.

If you are a Brewster resident and wish to purchase a plot in Brewster Memorial please call 508-896-3212. Our rules and regulations are available online.. If you have any questions about policy or wish to volunteer in our restoration projects, please email the committee

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Department Of Public Works
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