Charter Committee

Committee Members

Colette Williams Town Clerk June 30, 2020
Peter Lombardi Town Administrator June 30, 2020
Charles Sumner Town Moderator June 30, 2020
Cynthia Bingham Select Board June 30, 2020
William Meehan Finance Committee June 30, 2020
Richard Koch Citizen Member June 30, 2020
Karen Whitney Citizen Member June 30, 2020
John Kissida Citizen Member June 30, 2020

The Committee will utilize the Town Bylaws and current form of Town operations as a starting point, and will consider the recommendations of the Collins Center, the Government Study Committee, the Brewster Vision plan, the Department of Revenue Division of Local Services, and others as appropriate, to establish checks and balances for all functions and operations, and to prioritize efficiencies.

The proposed charter will address the structure and powers of Brewster town government, including election procedures, the legislative and executive branches, town administration, multi-member bodies, and financial provisions. The Charter Committee shall analyze municipal charters currently operating within the Commonwealth, and prepare a recommendation that is consistent with Massachusetts law as well as best practices in municipal government.

When approved by the Select Board, any proposed Town Charter will be presented to Brewster voters for adoption at Town Meeting, and, when approved, forwarded for approval by the General Court and Governor. 

Official Committee Charge

508-896-3701 x1100
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

Charter Committee Update