Providing Access For Water-Dependent Activities

The Town of Brewster Coastal Committee has prepared a discussion paper on Providing Access for Water-Dependent Activities, one of a series designed to highlight management issues that will be addressed in the Brewster Coastal Resource Management Plan. The paper will be presented at a community workshop at 6 pm on July 19th at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, to engage stakeholders in discussing management issues and trends, and evaluating potential strategies and action items.

Each paper discusses current conditions and future trends, and explores a range of potential management strategies and actions. Proposed strategies and actions could encompass physical improvements, policies and regulations, management practices, technical studies/analyses, or communications measures.

This paper discusses shoreline and waterway access for water dependent activities, including commercial shellfish harvesting, commercial aquaculture, recreational shellfish harvesting, and public shellfish propagation. The regulation of moorings and the use and maintenance of town landings also will be discussed. Please note that public beach access will be discussed at the next session on August 16th session.