Crosby Property Committee

The Crosby Property Committee was formed in 2003 when the Town of Brewster entered into a long-term lease with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation.

The Committee charge is to identify programs and resources that will encourage and inspire historic, cultural, recreational and educational opportunities at the historic 1887 Crosby Mansion.

These programs as well as the ongoing restoration and maintenance of the buildings and ground are made possible through the volunteer and fundraising efforts of the Friends of Crosby Mansion and the community at large.

Committee Members

Diane Lamb, Chair 2023
Cynthia Bingham 2023
Mark Flaherty 2025
Mark Schader 2023
Andy Evans 2023
Andy Kibbe 2023
Cate O'Neill 2023
Peter Lombardi 2023
Richard Archer 2023

For More information Contact The Crosby Property Manager
163 Crosby Lane
Brewster, MA 02631