Dog Park Development Committee

Earlier this year, the Town of Brewster was awarded a $25,000 grant from the Stanton Foundation. As phase 1 of this program, Brewster is charged to hire a firm to develop a comprehensive dog park design for the site designated by the Select Board in December of 2017. This process is underway as the RFQ closed last month, and we are in the final stages of making a selection. After a comprehensive plan is developed that meets the requisites for the Stanton Foundation, we plan to apply for phase 2 of the Foundation's dog park program. If Brewster is awarded this grant, the Stanton Foundation will fund 90% of the hard construction cost up to an award of $225,000.

All are welcome to our Committee meetings. Our regular meeting are usually scheduled for the second Thursday of the month. This can be confirmed, and the agenda can be viewed by clicking on the "calendar" heading above, and scrolling to the appropriate date.

We are looking for your input as we develop a comprehensive design. Also, one may communicate with us by contacting us at:  

Committee Members

Richard Alto 6/30/2021
Susan Riseman 6/30/2021
Hayley Winfield 6/30/2022
Tom Lincoln 6/30/2022
Olga Sherry 6/30/2022
Lisa Whelan 6/30/2023
Paige Ferraguto 6/30/2023


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For more information contact the Town Administrator's Office

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Brewster Town Offices
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