Dog Park Development Committee

Are the rumors true? Is a dog park coming to Brewster? The answer is: “Yes!” Orrin (pictured) is looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at a dedicated park for our four-legged friends in Brewster.

Hopefully, you have been following the Dog Park Development Committee meetings and the December 4th Select Board’s Meeting. As a result of the meetings and deliberations, our community is much closer to the reality of a dedicated dog park in Brewster.

Brewster has applied for phase one of a Stanton Grant, which will allow for a dog park to be designed on our behalf. As this process continues, we are looking for initial suggestions as to size, elements and potential elements to include in the design. Please contact us through e-mail at: Or, come to a committee meeting on the second Thursday of the month at 6PM.

Best wishes for the New Year!! Your Dog Park Development Committee.