Brewster Awarded Construction Grant To Build Dog Park

A major milestone in Brewster’s efforts to create an off-leash dog park has been achieved.

The Stanton Foundation has notified the Town of Brewster that, pending one minor design change, they will award the Town a construction grant of 90% of hard construction costs to create a municipal dog park.

The grant will be paid after the Town selects a bidder, via a standard construction bid process, to construct the park and executes a contract with them, and signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Stanton Foundation. Brewster must also commit to provide 10% of the park’s construction costs. A Community Preservation Act funding request will be voted on at spring Town Meeting to provide those matching funds. The Foundation will provide the Town with a check for 90% of hard construction costs when these activities are completed.

The park design was created by the Berkshire Design Group and is available in PDF format. The park will be constructed on town land adjacent to the Brewster Police Facility.