Brewster Dog Park Status 2021

Why Build a Dog Park?

  • Dog parks are valuable community amenities, like other recreation facilities. 25%of Brewster households own dogs.
  • Dog parks provide a place for dogs to exercise in a safe location, and for dog-owners to socialize.
  • Parks allow people to learn helpful dog management strategies from each other.

Brewster Dog Park Status

  • In 2013, Brewster dog owners requested a dog park and the Dog Park Development Committee was established. It evaluated a number of potential sites.
  • The Select Board approved the location in 2017. The dog park will be built on town-owned land conveniently located behind the Police Station at 631 Harwich Road.
  • The Stanton Foundation awarded Brewster a $25,000 park design grant, and another grant of up to $225,000 for construction. Additional post construction grants ($22,500) are available to Brewster. 
  • The Berkshire Design Group created  design proposals and community input  was provided at public meetings in 2018.
  • Construction bids received in the Spring and Fall 2019 were deemed too high. Project was re-bid in 2021 at a slightly lower price tag.   
  • The Community Preservation Committee has supported  $185k and the Friends of Brewster Dog Park, Inc., $50k for construction costs and other expenses not covered by the Stanton grant.  Agway of Cape Cod and Nauset Disposal have made significant in kind contributions pledges.
  • CPC funds need approval at the Spring town meeting before contract award.

The Dog Park Development Committee, is charged with  the following:  

  • Determine the need for an off-leash dog park.
  • Explore, discuss and evaluate suitable locations for an off-leash dog park
  • Address the amenities necessary for a fully functional dog park
  • The Committee currently meets via Zoom as posted on the Town Calendar.  The public is invited to attend.  In person meetings will resume when permitted.
  • Note:  2018 Town of Brewster Vision Plan identified a dog park as a way to create recreational opportunities on town properties.

Proposed Brewster Dog Park design features:

  • 2 play areas:  one for small dogs and one for large dogs
  • Double-gated park entrance
  • Shade areas (retaining select trees)
  • Water stations
  • Paved pathways affording accessibility
  • Play mounds
  • Benches
  • Designated parking with expansion possibilities
  • Signs with rules and policies
  • Dog waste bag dispensers and waste receptacles
  • Educational Opportunities

Helpful information when visiting a dog park. 

  • Have realistic expectations about your dog’s suitability for going to a dog park. 
  • Before your take you dog into a dog park, spend a few minutes watching the other dogs and how they are playing.
  • If your dog has never been around other dogs – don’t go to a dog park.
  • Introduce your dogs to other dogs gradually.
  • Be careful entering the gate.  Dogs must be on leash outside the park and unleashed when they pass through the gate. 
  • Be particularly watchful of small dogs around big dogs.
  • Supervise your dog at all times.  You are SOLELY responsible for injuries and damage caused by your dog.
  • Pick up after your dog. 
  • Please do not congregate near gate area.

The Stanton Foundation awarded Brewster a $25,000 grant to design the dog park and an additional $225,000 toward construction costs.  Additional post construction grants are available for approximately $22,500!                                     

The Friends of Brewster Dog Park, Inc.

The Friends of Brewster Dog Park, Inc., is a public charity 501(c)(3) non-profit group that is dedicated to assisting the town to build, operate, maintain and provide stewardship for the Brewster Dog Park. Their goal is to provide a safe, year-round, handicapped accessible, beautiful dog park, open to the public free of charge; a place where our community of dogs (and dog people) can play, stretch their legs and socialize with other four-legged friends and people.

  • Volunteers and stewards will be needed to help keep the park a great place to visit.  Please consider joining the volunteer team.

If interested in volunteering or supporting the Friends of Brewster Dog Park, please send an email to: