Drummer Boy Park Advisory Committee

Committee Members

Thomas Wingard 6/30/2023
Andrea Nevins 6/30/2023
John Kissida 6/30/2023
Cherylanne Lombardi 6/30/2023
James Veara 6/30/2023
Stephen Najarian 6/30/2023

Staff Support

Chris Miller, Natural Resources Director
Denise Rego, Council on Aging Director
Mike Gradone, Recreation Director
Patrick Ellis, Superintendent of Public Works

The Select Board appointed an hoc Drummer Boy Park Advisory Committee to evaluate existing and potential future use of the Drummer Boy Park property. The Committee will work with the Town’s consultant to report back to the Select Board with their findings and suggestions by July 1, 2021. The Committee will also coordinate their efforts with other ongoing Town planning efforts as applicable, including the Coastal Resource Management Plan and Open Space and Recreation Plan. In addition, although the Town did not secure state grant funding for the design and engineering of an elevated boardwalk to Wing Island from Drummer Boy Park, continued interest in that project needs to be accounted for within the context of this committee’s work.

Once finalized, the consultant and committee will present the Master Plan to the Select Board, acting in their role as Park Commissioners. Once approved, this document will guide future strategic planning of Drummer Boy Park operations and capital investments.

The proposed seven (7) member committee will be comprised of the following:

  • One (1) representative from each of the following committees: Recreation Commission & Natural Resources Commission
  • Up to five (5) Brewster citizens at large

Given their proximity to the park and keen interest in its future use, representatives from the Brewster Historical Society, Brewster Conservation Trust, and Museum of Natural History will also be invited to attend the committee’s meetings on a regular basis.

In addition, support will be provided to the Committee by staff in an ex officio capacity, including:

  • Department of Natural Resources
  • Council on Aging
  • Recreation Department
  • Town Administrator’s Office 

On April 26, 2021 the Drummer Boy Advisory Committee held a public meeting via Zoom conference to present the draft update to the Master Plan and Phase I recommendations.

The powerpoint presentation is available to download as a PDF: 

Plans and cost estimates are available to download:

The Committee will be meeting on May 5th at 1 pm to discuss public comments received during the meeting. 

Written comments may be sent to drummerboymeeting@brewster-ma.gov

A revised plan and phase I recommendations will be presented to the Select Board at their June 2, 2021 meeting.

Agendas & Minutes Meeting Video

For more information contact the Town Administrator's Office

508-896-3701 x1100
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

Drummer Boy Park Master Plan Public Presentation