Historical Commission

Committee Members

George  Boyd 2020
Patricia  Busch 2021
Faythe  Ellis 2022
Jeffrey  Hayes 2020
Patricia  Hess 2022

The Brewster Historical Commission was established for the preservation and development of the historical and archeological assets of the town. The Commission is responsible to maintain an inventory of buildings, areas, and sites of architectural and/or historical importance in Brewster.

Although many of the town’s historic properties were inventoried three decades ago, the data captured at the time was incomplete or not fully researched. Those existing forms can be accessed via Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System (MACRIS) and are also available in the Brewster Ladies Library. There are also many historic properties (75 years or older) that have not yet been inventoried.

The committee is working on a long term project to complete an inventory of all historic houses in Brewster for inclusion in the archives of the Massachusetts Historic Commission. The project goals are three fold – to complete an updated inventory list of historic homes in Brewster. Second, to update the existing survey forms and create new survey forms for the properties not included in the original inventory. Third, to eventually complete detailed histories of selected important historical structures in Brewster. The Historical Commission Survey of Brewster Houses has detailed information from the first phase of this project..

Historical Commission Survey of Brewster Houses

Please note, this commission is a separate group from the OKH Historic District Committee

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