Open Space Committee

Committee Members

Gary  Christen 2021
Bruce  Evans 2022
Peter  Herrmann 2020
Don  Keeran 2020
Tom  Kowalski 2020
Andrew  Perkins 2020
Elizabeth  Taylor 2021

The Open Space Committee is a committee for the purpose of cataloging all areas of open space (land) within the town of Brewster NOT presently owned by the town. This committee will also catalog those parcels of land which are currently developed, but with a change in ownership, could see more intense use.

The purpose of this cataloging will be to enable the committee to recommend a priority list for future open space purchases for the Town of Brewster. These purchases will be either funded through grant monies or through the anticipated receipts of the "community preservation act" funds.

The committee includes persons from various boards and commissions as well as private citizens and works in conjunction with the Building Department and Space Needs Committee to maximize efficiency and avoid duplication of efforts.

Annual Open Space & Recreation Plans Agendas & Minutes

For more information, contact Brewster Open Space Committee
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631