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Susan Barker 6/30/2024
Marjorie McGinnis  6/30/2025
G. Howard Hayes 6/30/2023

Massachusetts Property Tax Exemptions & Deferrals for Seniors, the Blind, Veterans, and Surviving Spouses. (Mass. State Website)

The Board of Assessors is responsible for the valuation of real and personal property for the purposes of levying the property tax. Being an assessor requires technical training, responsibility for maintaining assessments, and meeting the Commissioner of Revenue's re-certification requirements of property valuation every three years.

Assessors maintain a database of each parcel of property in the town, including the address of the owner, measurements of the land, and a description of all structures, including their quality and condition. Assessors then value property based on a full and fair cash value standard using mass appraisal techniques. Thus, if a three-bedroom cape in a particular community were selling in the $450,000 range, other properties in the same town with similar characteristics would be valued similarly.

Assessors also have the authority to grant abatements and exemptions to taxpayers. An abatement request is filed when a taxpayer feels the assessed value of his or her property is too high or disproportionately assessed. Exemption from taxation is a statutory privilege conferred on various categories of persons or property. Some of the most frequent exemptions include religious or charitable organizations, disabled veterans, elderly persons, surviving spouses, and the blind.

Please note as of 3/31/15 the Brewster Assessors Office is no longer accepting passport applications. Persons wishing to apply for a passport should conctact the Brewster Post Office, Orleans Assessors Office, and Harwich Community Center.

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