The Select Board is seeking three (3) residents to serve on the newly created Vision Planning Committee.

The Select Board will appoint a Vision Planning Committee for the purpose of fostering public outreach and communication around the implementation of the 2018 Vision Plan. At the same time, the committee will work with Town staff and the community to develop a Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP) based on the Vision Plan goals and in line with the Cape Cod Commission’s regulations. The committee’s full charge can be found here.

The Vision Planning Committee is to be comprised of seven (7) voting members;

  • Two (2) Vision Advisory Group members
  • Two (2) Planning Board members
  • Three (3) at-large resident members who will be appointed based on their knowledge of planning processes, the 8-building blocks of the Vision Plan, and the ability to objectively shepherd the LCP process.

The Town Planner and consultant services will advise and support the committee as needed. Please click here for more information about the Vision Plan, the recently updated Local Comprehensive Plan regulations and related guidance.

If you are interested in filling this position, please send a letter of interest and resume for consideration to Robin Young, in the office of the Select Board no later than Monday September 23. Prospective candidates will be recommended to the Select Board at their October 7 meeting.