Town Holds Second Public Forum on Potential Cape Cod Sea Camps Acquisition

Town officials held a second public forum about the potential acquisition of the Cape Cod Sea Camps on September 17, 2021 at 6PM. The program included a PowerPoint presentation and a question-and-answer period. Its aim was to provide new information to the public, including details of the Town’s negotiated agreements to purchase both properties and updates to the Town’s financing plans.

The public forum video may be viewed here.

The PowerPoint presented at the forum may be viewed here.

Acquiring the Sea Camps would provide the Town with new oceanfront and pond beaches, extensive recreational facilities, buildings that could serve as community centers, and the opportunity for conservation, drinking water protection, and housing. Town acquisition would also prevent private development of the parcels.

Brewster voters are invited to attend Special Town Meeting at the Stony Brook Elementary School field on Saturday September 25 at 10AM and to vote in the local election on October 5 from 7AM to 8PM at the Brewster Baptist Church. 

More information on the proposed Town acquisition of these properties can be found at