Brewster Launches Pay-As-You-Throw

Brewster launched Pay-As-You-Throw October 3rd with a ceremony at the Recycling Center to mark the event. Selectman Ben DeRuyter, former Chairman of the Board of Selectmen Dan Rabold, and Town Administrator Charlie Sumner threw in the first three Town yellow PAYT bags. They made remarks about the merits of PAYT and how it can help the environment and help the Town control solid waste expenses.

The Town officials also thanked the Recycling Commission and Department of Public Works staff for their efforts in preparing for the program. Brewster is the 139th Massachusetts community to adopt PAYT as a strategy to encourage recycling and reduce the volume of trash generated.

Selectman Ben DeRuyter tosses a PAYT bag in the yellow bin.




Town Administrator Charlie Sumner tosses a yellow PAYT bag in the bin.

John Dickson, Board of Selectman Chair, makes remarks about PAYT.

(Selectman Ben DeRuyter, Former Selectmen Chair Dan Rabold, Town Administrator Charlie Sumner, Selectman Chair John Dickson, and Recycling Commission Chair Meg Morris)

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