New Changes at Recycling Center

DPW Recycling Changes for Oct. 15, 2021 from Town of Brewster, MA on Vimeo.

Effective October 15, 2021, residents using the Brewster Recycling Center are requested to separate their glass bottles & jars and their newsprint for recycling.  These changes will result in a savings of $25/ton for the glass and an increase in revenue of an additional $40/ton for newsprint (revenue of $85/ton). 

The glass will be shipped just over the line to Dennis DPW where it will be crushed and used as fill for many on-Cape projects, such as the laying of sewer lines and various cables. Brewster will not only see a reduction in the cost to reuse and recycle the glass, but we’ll also save on the cost of transporting the heavy, 40-yard container off Cape, including gas, maintenance, and staff time.

By keeping our newsprint (including daily and Sunday inserts) separate, the town will receive double the revenue per ton that it had received when we mixed the paper with all other paper and cardboard.

By making these adjustments, residents can be assured that the materials collected at the Center are indeed recycled at the lowest cost and with a good environmental outcome.

The Town, the DPW, and the Recycling Commission sincerely thank participating Brewster residents and encourage all to keep up the excellent recycling.  Members of the Recycling Commission will assist the DPW during the initial phase of this change. Questions should be directed to DPW staff at (508) 896-3212.

Instructions follow:

Glass bottles & jars only: Place on table in front of designated bin. No caps, lids, or corks; labels and neck rings okay. No bags, no boxes. Just glass bottles and jars; absolutely no other type of glass.

Newsprint & inserts only: Put in designated bin. Daily/Sunday inserts okay. No ties, tape, bags, or boxes.

Graphic of changes in PDF format

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