Brewster Conservation Commission Hunting Policy, 2018-2019

Re: Hunting on lands under the control of the Brewster Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission has certain town owned open space lands under its care, custody and control, for the protection of open space and natural resources. As provided in the Massachusetts General Laws; Conservation Commission Act of 1957 G. L. Ch. 40: § 8C. Conservation Commission; establishment; powers and duties; and G. L. Ch. 131: § 59. Reservations, parks, public lands; hunting… - the Conservation Commission has the authority to make decisions on recreational uses such as hunting on these lands. It is the policy of the Brewster Conservation Commission each year prior to hunting season, to review the wildlife and safety information and vote on this issue.

At its meeting of October 3, 2017, following review and discussion, the Conservation Commission voted to allow hunting for wild turkey and deer by archery and with primitive arms (as defined by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife) in the area known as “Mother’s Bog”, located in southwest Brewster, west of Slough Road and east of the Brewster-Dennis town line.

For the newly acquired property (former Copelas property; Assessors Map 106, Parcels 5 & 6 and Assessors Map 107, Parcels 5 & 6; formerly Map 42, Parcels 66 & 67 and Map 47, Parcels 36 & 37) located south of Freeman’s Way adjacent to the Freeman’s Way Watershed land in the control of the Brewster Water Commissioners, the Conservation Commission voted to allow hunting in accordance with the Hunting Policy on Lands in the control of Brewster Water Commissioners.

The Conservation Commission voted to continue its prohibition on hunting on all other lands under the management and control of the Conservation Commission for the 2017-2018 hunting season.

The only exception to this hunting prohibition is waterfowl hunting along the great ponds in these conservation areas. In accordance with MGL Ch. 131; § 45, an individual with proper licenses may hunt waterfowl in and around the great ponds. The boundary for hunting activities is 5 feet beyond the mean high water mark or elevation of the pond. For the safety of others present on the land, hunters are advised to be aware of the location of all persons, roads, dwellings/structures and abutting private property in accordance with the laws governing this activity, before commencing hunting.

Additional Hunting Regulations, Maps, and Other Policies are Available for Download