First Phase Road Resurfacing Projects

The following list of roads represent the first phase of resurfacing projects using our recently passed Road Bond.

During the past few years the DPW has designed and constructed a comprehensive storm water system in the Stony Brook watershed which has improved each of these roads.

These projects will complete the paving which is necessary to preserve the existing pavement structure, improve ride quality and safety, and to improve the flow of stormwater to the installed drains.

The scope of work involves the placement of a hot mix asphalt overlay of 1 ½ inches in thickness; this work will not widen or alter the existing paved surfaces and will not increase stormwater run-off.

These estimates propose the use of our term contracts bid through the County of Barnstable. We will start August 10th, 2015 with project completion within 2 weeks; weather permitting.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter and for your continued support.

  • Paines Creek Road  (Route 6A to Stony Brook Rd)
  • Stony Brook Road  (Route 6A to AP Newcomb Rd)
  • Stony Brook Road(AP Newcomb Rd to Satucket Rd)
  • AP Newcomb Road (Satucket Rd to Stony Brook Rd)