Natural Resources & Shellfish

The Brewster Natural Resources Department oversees shellfish propogation and regulation.

Coastal studies, grants and information:

Shellfishing Permits & Fees:

Mooring and Kayak Rack Regulations & Fees: $25.00 (Due by Feb 15.)

To moor a boat in Brewster, you must fill out the attached application and contact the Natural Resources department. All moorings (existing and new) must apply annually for a mooring permit. Permits are due for renewal February 15 of each year.

2017 Long Pond Mooring Wait List

Long Pond East Long Pond West
1) George Durkin 1) George Durkin
2) Gerd Cross 2) Gerd Cross
3) Michelle Treese 3) Michelle Treese
4) Kristen Locke 4) Jeff Johnson
5) Carl Branson 5) Carl Branson
6) David Ross 6) David Ross

Shellfish Aquaculture Wait List For Areas Off Town Landings

1) Chris Dudzik
2) Michael Joy
3) Joshua Wile
4) Ray Escher
5) Leo Marseglia
6) Rachel Hutchinson
7) Stephane Ruault
8) Justin Georges
9) Brett Wilson
10) Nicholas DeRuyter
11) Judd St. Aubin
12) Michael Schaffer
13) Troy LaBonte
14) Amy Rudolph
15) Paul Werzanski

Hunting Information:

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Brewster Flats is a community organization working with the DNR to preserve and protect Brewster's natural environment.

Pond Reports:

Applications, Forms, & Documents

Chris Miller, Director
Shellfish Phone: 508-896-4546
Fax 508-896-8089
Ryan Burch, Asst. Shellfish & Natural Resource Officer
Shellfish Phone: 508-896-4546
Fax 508-896-8089