Fall 2021 Littleneck Week and Oyster Sunday Schedule

The littleneck beds off Ellis Landing will be open for harvest for a week from October 4th to 9th plus an additional day on Sunday October 10th.  5 quart limit per week, and must be 1” thick (all seed must be returned to the rock beds). 

Oyster Sundays will start the following week on October 17th at Mants Landing and will continue weekly until stock runs out.  5 quart limit per week.  Please arrive 45 minutes prior to low tide (or sunrise as applicable) to ensure a full limit.

Please bring a valid 2021 Brewster taxpayer/resident recreational shellfish permit (purchase permits online here  https://brewsterstickers.townhall247.com/).

For questions, call the Natural Resources department at 508-896-4546.

2021 Littleneck Week Tide Chart
Oct. 3-Oct. 10

Sunday – Low, 3:31pm 1.3 ht

Monday - Low, 4:19 pm 0.6 ht

Tuesday – Low, 5:06 pm -0.1 ht

Wednesday-Low, 5:52pm -0.7 ht, Sunset 6:17

Thursday-Low, 6:13 am -0.6 ht, Sunrise 6:48

6:39 pm -1.1 ht, Sunset 6:15

Friday-Low, 6:58 am -0.6 ht

Saturday-Low, 7:45 am -0.5 ht, Sunrise 6:50

Sunday – Low, 8:34 am -0.2 ht, Sunrise 6:52