Recreational Marijuana in the Press

An article in the February 2nd edition of the Cape Codder, “Pot Meeting Raises Ideas, Like Marijuana Massages” about a January 30th public event at the Snowy Owl got a few very important facts wrong.

  • First, regarding the 2016 state referendum on marijuana legalization (ballot question 4), the majority of Brewster voters did not support legalization. The vote was 51.8 percent against and 48.2 percent for legalization.
  • Second, the event was not sponsored by the Brewster Planning Board. For open meeting law purposes, it was posted as an official meeting because a quorum of the Board would be in attendance. Planning Board Chair, Kari Hoffmann, and Town Planner, Ryan Bennett, were invited to speak at this community organized event.

The Town has requested a correction on these two points.