Brewster maintains over 40 volunteer committees, some elected and others appointed, helping to govern and improve life throughout the town. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please review the current list of vacancies and complete the appropriate application. A description of each committee is available, for more information contact the Town Administrator/Select Board office or visit their page. Committee meeting agendas are posted on the Community Calendar and meeting minutes are available for committees on their own section.

Committee Application -- Committee Application Process Flowchart

Joint Committee Application -- Joint Committee Application Process Flowchart


Dog Park Development Committee

Earlier this year, the Town of Brewster was awarded a $25,000 grant from the Stanton Foundation. As phase 1 of this program, Brewster is charged to hire a firm to develop a comprehensive dog park design for the site designated by the Select Board in December of 2017. This process is underway as the RFQ closed last month, and we are in the final stages of making a selection. After a comprehensive plan is developed that meets the requisites for the Stanton Foundation, we plan to apply for phase 2 of the Foundation's dog park program. If Brewster is awarded this grant, the Stanton Foundation will fund 90% of the hard construction cost up to an award of $225,000.

All are welcome to our Committee meetings. Our regular meeting are usually scheduled for the second Thursday of the month. This can be confirmed, and the agenda can be viewed by clicking on the "calendar" heading above, and scrolling to the appropriate date.

We are looking for your input as we develop a comprehensive design. Also, one may communicate with us by contacting us at:  

Committee Members

Richard Alto 6/30/2021
Susan Riseman 6/30/2021
Hayley Winfield 6/30/2022
Tom Lincoln 6/30/2022
Olga Sherry 6/30/2022
Lisa Whelan 6/30/2023
Paige Ferraguto 6/30/2023


Agendas & Minutes Ch.18 Video on Demand

For more information contact the Town Administrator's Office

508-896-3701 x1100
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Cultural Council

Council Members

Kathleen Krikorian 6/30/2022
Roger Smith 6/30/2022
Edward Shephard 6/30/2023
Richard Perry 6/30/2023
Rebecca Alvin 6/30/2023
Eric Bohn 6/30/2024

Agendas & Minutes

For more information contact the Selectman's Office
508-896-3701 x1100
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Comprehensive Water Planning Committee

Note: This committee has been dissolved.

Brewster’s Integrated Water Resources Management Plan is now entering Phase 3.  Please click here to go to a separate website with project information.

The CWPC meets each month on the second and fourth Monday at Town Hall. See the town calendar for specific meeting postings. The CWPC is overseeing the Town’s water planning process. The water planning process will include the following primary tasks:

  • Develop a clear, concise set of goals and objectives for water quality management
  • Develop a draft Integrated Water Resources Management Plan as per DEP’s 2004 water policy guidance and 2005 guidance documents.
  • Conduct public hearings on the draft plan.
  • Revise the plan based upon public input.Submit a completed Integrated Water Resources Management Plan to the Board of Selectmen including an action plan, timetable, relevant cost estimates and approaches to funding.
  • Develop outreach and public education programs

Working with consultant(s), the CWPC is charged with clearly defining which water management issues are unique to Brewster and which must be addressed in a regional or specific watershed context. The consultant(s) will also help the Town to identify the optimum methods of achieving water resource protection and water management.


The CWPC shall meet with the Town Planner, as well as relevant town boards, committees, and officials to keep informed on the water planning process and contribute to that process through informational meetings with consultants, review of documents, and participation in public education opportunities. Communication between the CWPC and consultants will take place through the Planning Department and will be maintained throughout the process.

Public Participation

The CWPC will be responsible for conducting periodic public meetings to discuss progress with the water planning process and to provide a venue for the public to gain information and keep informed on the planning process. Written minutes shall be produced by the Committee, or by the consultant, should they be in attendance. All meetings shall be advertised and conducted in accordance with the Open Meeting Law. The CWPC shall provide periodic progress reports to the Board of Selectmen.

Video on Demand is available of the public meetings.

Flyers and Presentations

Agendas & Minutes

Ryan Bennett, Town Planner
508-896-3701 x1133
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Recycling Commission

The mission of the Brewster Recycling Commission is to develop programs that promote recycling and waste reduction. The Commission functions as authorized by Massachusetts General Law 40, Section 8H.

The Recycling Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Board of Selectmen to serve three-year terms. The members are joined in this work by liaisons from the Board of Selectmen, Board of Health, Finance Committee and local non-profit groups. 

The Recycling Commission’s goals are to:

  • Assist in stabilizing the Town’s solid waste expenses.
  • Protect the environment by reducing solid waste.
  • Increase the Town’s recycling volume.
  • Save resources by reusing materials.
  • Educate the community about recycling, re-use, and reducing consumption.
  • Use scientific and economic data to make policy recommendations.
  • Increase public awareness about solid waste and recycling.
  • Encourage home composting

Recycling Commission Members

Susan Skidmore 6/30/2023
Annie Dugan 6/30/2024
Peter Johnson 6/30/2024
Meg Morris 6/30/2024
Griffin Ryder 6/30/2025
Katherine Scott 6/30/2025
Patricia Semple 6/30/2025

About Recycling

Recycling is the process of collecting certain unwanted materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products.

  • Reduces the amount of waste
  • Conserves natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals
  • Prevents pollution caused by reducing the need to collect new raw materials
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change
  • Helps sustain the environment for future generations
  • Helps create new well-paying U.S. jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries
    (EPA, 2013)

Pay As You Throw

Brewster began a new solid-waste management program on October 1, 2013 called Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT).

All Brewster Recycling Center users will dispose of trash in special Brewster PAYT bags. Refuse must be placed in those bags prior to disposal. PAYT bags are available for purchase at local stores and retailers. A list of local retailers can be downloaded by clicking here. Recyclables don’t need to be bagged.

PAYT bags for refuse are available in 3 sizes:

  • $2 each for a 33 gallon bag which hold about 25 pounds; like a yard waste bag
  • $1 each for a 15 gallon bag which holds about 12 pounds; like a kitchen-sized bag
  • 50 cents each for an 8 gallon bag, similar to an office or bathroom trash bag, generally used by very small households.

There is no bag required for dropping off recyclable items, however an annual vehicle permit is required to enter and use the Brewster Recycling Center.

With PAYT, recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal containers continue to be handled as they have been.

Why is PAYT Good for Brewster?

PAYT is a system where residents pay by the bag for disposing of refuse (solid waste that can’t be recycled or reused in any way). It’s similar to paying for electricity or water. You pay only for what you use and no more.

  • PAYT provides an incentive to reduce, reuse and recycle more and that reduces the amount of refuse generated by the Town.
  • You can control how many PAYT bags you buy based on how much refuse you produce and how much you recycle. The more you recycle, the fewer PAYT bags you must buy.
  • Brewster pays per ton to dispose of solid waste; PAYT helps reduce the amount of solid waste produced and helps stabilize the Town’s disposal costs.
  • Residents who recycle help the environment and the Town by reducing solid waste and its disposal costs. 

Tips to Improve Home Recycling

  1. Set up a recycling area in your home that’s easy and convenient to use.
  2. Use the Brewster Recycling Guide so you know what can be recycled.
  3. Start composting your food waste (fruit, vegetables, yard waste and grass) to keep it out of the PAYT bag.
  4. Donate items that you don’t need to a swap shop or non-profit group.
  5. Send used clothes, shoes and textiles to a consignment store.
  6. Use reusable grocery bags and avoid plastic bags.
  7. Purchase items that have less packaging to throw away.
  8. Cut down on purchasing new items and use currently owned ones as long as possible.
  9. Stop unwanted mail and catalogs.

Home Composting

Composting is a convenient, beneficial and inexpensive way to handle your organic waste and help the environment. Yard wastes such as leaves, grass clippings and weeds make excellent compost. Fruit and vegetable scraps, plus food wastes such as coffee grounds, tea bags, and eggs shells, can be composted.

Composting will remove food waste from your PAYT bags and reduce your PAYT bag costs.

Home Composting Tips

Local Reuse Opportunities

Solid waste is minimized when individual households reduce, reuse and recycle. Reusing items gives them a longer life and keeps them out of the natnion’s bloated trash stream.

A number of Cape Cod organizations will help residents donate items or find re-usable ones. Certain charities and non-profit groups will pick up items at your home and some donations are tax deductible. Consider donating to or shopping at thrift stores, consignment stores, or some of these organizations:

Habitat ReStore: A place to buy or donate used furniture, appliances, doors and windows, and building supplies. All merchandise is sold at significant discounts and sales support Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod.
Address: 28 Whites Path, Yarmouth, MA
Phone: Call ahead to drop off donations or to arrange for us to pick up, 508-394-6400

Goodwill: Goodwill makes high quality clothing and household goods available at reasonable prices through Goodwill Stores and provides job training and related services to help individuals with disabilities.
Address: 141 Corporation Plaza, Hyannis MA (behind Cape Cod Mall)
Phone: (508) 790-0046

Salvation Army: The Salvation Army Thrift shop has clothing and shoes for men, women and children, furnishings for the home, books, movies and CDs, toys and much more
Address: 105 Bassett Lane, Hyannis, MA
Phone: 508-771-8982

Craigslist: A classified advertising website that lets users post ads at no charge; a section of the website, which can be searched by local area (Cape Cod/Islands), offers items for sale.


  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection
  2. Recycling Works Massachusetts (assistance for businesses and institutions)
  3. Recycling for Kids and Teachers; Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection 
  4. Electronics Recycling, Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection 
  5. National Resources Defense Council – Recycling
  6. Earth911 Home & Garden (ideas about recycling and producing less waste) 
  7. Earth911 Recycling Search (find out where to recycle certain items near your home)
  8. 10 Ways to Go Green; Columbia University 
  9. Does Recycling Really Make a Difference? TLC 

Agendas & Minutes

For more information contact the Town Administrator's Office

508-896-3701 x1100
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Recreation Commission

Commission Members

Sherrie McCullough 5/17/2022
Allen Ryone 5/17/2022
Brandon Rice 5/16/2023
Roland Bassett Jr 5/16/2023
Thomas Wingard 5/21/2024

The Brewster Recreation Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all Brewster Residents, by striving to provide the best leisure opportunities in our community through exceptional programs and services. The purpose of the Recreation Department is to meet the diverse recreational, cultural, athletic and leisure-time pursuits of the residents of Brewster with a broad based comprehensive program. Recreational programs are organized to encourage participation and enjoyment and will be held at safe and well-equipped facilities on a year-round basis.

The Recreation Department maintains a separate recreation website for program information and online registrations.

Agendas & Minutes    Public Meeting Packets

2298 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631
Phone: 508-896-9430
Fax: 508-896-9430
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30-4:00
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Planning Department

The Brewster Planning Board is an elected, 7-member board responsible for local land use planning, including administering the local Zoning Bylaw (Chapter 179), the Subdivision Control Law, and preparation of zoning amendments for Town Meeting. The Board meets at 6:30pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

The Brewster Zoning Board of Appeals consists of nine (9) members appointed by the Selectmen, and include five (5) regular members, and four (4) alternates. The Board regularly reviews Special Permits, Comprehensive Permits, Variances, and Appeals, and meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with the Town Planner, please email

Planning Board

Elizabeth Taylor 5/30/2025
Charlotte Degen 5/21/2024
Amanda Bebrin 5/21/2023
Madalyn Hillis-Dineen 5/20/2026
Antone Freitas 5/25/2025
Robert Michaels 5/24/2027
Alexander Wentworth 5/25/2027

Zoning Board of Appeals

Bruce Macgregor 6/30/2024
Patricia Eggers 6/30/2021
Brian Harrison 6/30/2023
Jeff Carter 6/30/2024
Patricia Eggers 6/30/2024

Planning staff support the efforts of the respective Boards with their regulatory responsibilities and facilitates planning efforts, including comprehensive planning, water quality planning, zoning, and general bylaw amendments, staff review, and pre-development review, and public service.

Planning Board Documents

Recreational Marijuana Regulations

Brewster Hazard Mitigation Plan

Millstone Affordable Housing Development Application

Millstone Affordable Housing Development Plans

2023 Planning Board Schedule

Zoning Map (PDF)

Town GIS

Agendas & Minutes Applications, Forms, Regulations Planning Board Meeting Packets Video (Channel 18)

Zoning Board of Appeals Documents

2023 ZBA Schedule

Zoning Map (PDF)

Agendas & Minutes Applications & Forms ZBA Public Meeting Packets Video (Channel 18)

Jon Idman, Town Planner
Lynn St. Cyr, Senior Department Assistant
Ellen Murphy, Department Assistant

508-896-3701 x1133
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Open Space Committee

Committee Members

Bruce Evans 6/30/2022
Peter Norton 6/30/2022
Peter Herrmann 6/30/2023
Don Keeran 6/30/2023
Tom Kowalski 6/30/2023
Phil Burt 6/30/2024
Gary Christen 6/30/2024
Elizabeth Taylor 6/30/2024

The Open Space Committee is a committee for the purpose of cataloging all areas of open space (land) within the town of Brewster NOT presently owned by the town. This committee will also catalog those parcels of land which are currently developed, but with a change in ownership, could see more intense use.

The purpose of this cataloging will be to enable the committee to recommend a priority list for future open space purchases for the Town of Brewster. These purchases will be either funded through grant monies or through the anticipated receipts of the "community preservation act" funds.

The committee includes persons from various boards and commissions as well as private citizens and works in conjunction with the Building Department and Space Needs Committee to maximize efficiency and avoid duplication of efforts. 

The Town of Brewster's Open Space and Recreation Plan received final approval from the state in November 2022.

Annual Open Space & Recreation Plans Agendas & Minutes

For more information, contact Brewster Open Space Committee
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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OKH Historic District Committee

Online Permitting Is Now Available For Old Kings Highway Permits

The Historic District Committee is responsible for the external review of new buildings or structures undergoing alterations within the Brewster Historic District. It is the committee’s charge to ensure any changes are appropriate to maintaining the aesthetic tradition of Brewster as a member of the Old King’s Highway Regional Historic District.  

Committee Members

James Trabulsie 5/18/2023
Patricia Busch 5/21/2023
Tom Turcketta 6/30/2022
Carol Appleton 5/21/2024
Steven Bergquist 5/25/2025
George Carey 6/30/2022

Procedures During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Town staff is available by phone at #508-896-3701 ext. 1125 or via email. Jessica Gelatt can be reached at

Application materials and associated forms are available online as fillable PDFs (see These materials can be filled out online by clicking on a line in the document and typing in information. Once completed you can save the filled out document and submit it as an attachment to Sara Provos via email.

Applications can be received by email and be reviewed to the extent possible for completeness. In the event that file attachments exceed email size limitations, please mail hard copies. Hard copy information submitted in conjunction with an application submitted by email, will be reviewed when possible. Please mail all information to Town of Brewster- OKH, 2198 Main Street, Brewster, MA 02631.

Hard copies may also be dropped off at the drop box located at Town Hall. Please be advised that hard copies could have a 48-56 hour delay in the time that the application is dropped off or received by mail and when it is considered officially received.

Applicants will be notified electronically when applications are deemed “complete”.

We are working on establishing protocols for remote meetings and public hearings. Please contact Sara Provos regarding scheduled public hearings. 

Old King's Highway Bulletin including rules and guidelines.

Current map of the Brewster portion of the Old King's Highway historical district.

Historical  Maps of the Old King's Highway

Applications, Forms, & Other Documents

Agendas & Minutes

Public Meeting Packets

For more information

Historic District Committee
508-896-3701 x1125
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Stoney Brook Mill Sites Committee

Committee Members

Marguerite Erickson 6/30/2022
Faythe Ellis 6/30/2022
Emily Sumner 6/30/2022
Doug Erickson 6/30/2023
Roger O'Day 6/30/2023
Peter Ogozalek 6/30/2024

Agendas & Minutes

For more information contact the Town Administrator's Office
508-896-3701 x1100
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Human Services Committee

Committee Members

Vivian Cafarella 6/30/2021
Jonathan O'neil 6/30/2021
Anne O'Connell 6/30/2022
Patricia Hess 6/30/2022
Deborah Blackman-Jacobs 6/30/2023
Elizabeth Jayes 6/30/2023
Sean Parker 6/30/2023
Lisa Perkins 6/30/2023

The Human Services Committee supports many organizations providing services to Brewster residents. For information about these agencies and how you can contribute, click here to open the Brewster Cares website.

Agendas & Minutes

For more information contact the Town Administrator's Office
508-896-3701 x1100
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Finance Committee

Committee Members

Harvey Dahl 6/30/2022
Robert Young 6/30/2022
Alex Hopper 6/30/2023
Robert Tobias 6/30/2023
William Meehan 6/30/2023
Andrew Evans 6/30/2023
Honey Pivirotto 6/30/2024
Frank Bridges 6/30/2024
William Henchy 6/30/2024


Budget & Financial Information Agendas & Minutes Video On Demand Public Meeting Packets

For more information, contact the Town Administrator's Office
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Cable TV Advisory Committee

Committee Members

James Kane 6/30/2023
Lawrence Greeley 6/15/2022

Comcast Channel 18
is Brewster's Town Channel with a 24 hour bulletin board and meetings of the Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee, Planning Board, Board of Health and other meetings and events are broadcast live and are archived for online viewing.

Agendas & Minutes

For more information contact the Town Administrator's Office

508-896-3701 x1100
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Building and Needs Assessment Committee

Agendas & Minutes

For more information contact the Town Administrator's Office
508-896-3701 x1100
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

Article Count:

Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

Committee Members

Eric Levy 6/30/2024
Joseph Sullivan, III 6/30/2024
Gregory Wright 6/30/2024
George Bausch 6/30/2022
Derrick Scannevin 6/30/2022
Susan Riseman 6/30/2023

The Committee is charged to make recommendations to promote safe and enjoyable bicycling in the town of Brewster and to encourage the use of bicycles for recreation, commuting and as an alternative means of transportation within the town and to neighboring towns on the lower cape.

The Committee will report to the Board of Selectmen on all bicycling related matters and shall make recommendations for future action.

Agendas & Minutes

For more information contact the Town Administrator's Office
508-896-3701 x1100
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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All Citizens Access Committee

The mission of the Brewster All Citizens Access Committee is to advise and guide the Town of Brewster and the general public regarding issues of accessibility in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Brewster has beach wheelchairs available for the use of the public, free of charge. Click here for more information.

Laurel Labdon 6/30/2024

Information links.

ADA Guide for Small Towns

ADA Guide for Small Business

Massachusetts Office on Disability  617-727-7440 (voice and TTY)

CORD (Cape Organization for the Rights of the Disabled),
508-775-8300/1-800-541-0280 (Both numbers Voice and TTY)

Elder Services of Cape Cod and Islands, 1-800-244-4630,
TTD/TTY 508-394-8691

Sight Loss Services, Inc., 1-800-427-6842

Agendas & Minutes

For more information contact the Council on Aging
1673 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Alewife Committee

Committee Members

Gary Kaser 6/30/2023
Doug Erickson 6/30/2022
William LeMaitre 6/30/2022

Please note that taking of Herring for the season is forbidden.

For more information contact the Town Administrator's Office
508-896-3701 x1100
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Community Preservation Committee

The Brewster Community Preservation Committee is comprised of 9 members: four Citizen Representatives, appointed by the Board of Selectmen and members designated by the following committees: Conservation Commission, Planning Board, Brewster Historical Commission, Housing Authority and Recreation Commission. The Committee was established with initial staggered terms and three terms thereafter. The CPC typically meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. For meeting schedules and agendas, please check the Brewster Calendar.

Committee Members

Peggy Jablonski 6/30/2024
Paul Ruchinskas 6/30/2024
Roland Bassett Jr 6/30/2022
Sharon Marotti 6/30/2022
Faythe Ellis 6/30/2022
Bruce Evans 6/30/2022
Christine Boucher 6/30/2022
Elizabeth Taylor 6/30/2023
Sarah Robinson 6/30/2024

What is the Community Preservation Act?

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) is a state law designed to help communities plan ahead for sustainable growth. The CPA allows towns to levy a community-wide property tax surcharge of up to 3% for the purpose of creating a local Community Preservation fund that can qualify for state matching funds. The fund must be used to acquire and protect Open Space and recreation lands, preserve Historic Buildings, Documents and Landscapes, and create and maintain Community Housing.

How does the CPA work in Brewster?

The CPA was adopted by Town Meeting, November of 2004 and received ballot approval in May of 2005. This approval resulted in a 3% surcharge on real estate tax, thereby replacing the Land Bank surcharge.

The Brewster By-law requires that 50% must be spent or reserved for Open Space, 10% must be spent or reserved for Community Housing and 10% must be spent or reserved for Historic Preservation. The balance, 30%, may be spent for Community Housing or Historic Preservation areas plus Recreation purposes. This money is cumulative and can be spent in subsequent years.

This gives Brewster the opportunity to determine its priorities, plan for its future, and generate funds to implement those plans.

The state bylaw or ordinance establishing the CPC also serves to enumerate the responsibilities of the CPC. These three responsibilities are outlined in Sections 5(b) and 5(c) of the CPA statute.

Develop a Community Preservation Plan

The first responsibility is to study the needs, possibilities and resources of the community with regards to community preservation. In performing this research function, the CPC must meet and consult with town departments and other committees to get their input, and must hold at least one public hearing annually to get input from the general public. The public hearing must be posted publicly and advertised for two weeks preceding the public hearing in a local newspaper of general circulation. Following its research, the CPC is responsible for developing a local CPA plan to guide its decision-making on CPA project proposals. The CPC adopted 5 Year CPA Plan in March 2022.

Review and Recommend CPA Projects

The second responsibility of the CPC is to accept project proposals from the community, and conduct a thorough review of them, with the aim of selecting the most compelling projects for recommendation to Town Meeting. Project proposals can be submitted to the CPC twice a year.  Once the CPC has voted on a slate of projects to recommend, along with the specific dollar amounts and CPA funding sources it recommends to complete them, it forwards these to the town meeting for action. As part of preparation for town meeting, a representative of the CPC makes a presentation to the Select Board and the Finance Committee to describe project recommendations in the CPC warrant article and the reasoning behind its choice of that particular group of projects.

Keep Records and Report on the CPA Budget

The third responsibility of the CPC is a record keeping and budgetary responsibility. It is required to keep records of all CPC meetings, proposals, and recommendations, and to submit a CPA budget annually to the legislative body.

CPC Administrative Funds

In order to fund the work of the CPC, the CPA statute specifies that the committee may use up to 5% of the community's annual CPA revenues each year. Town Meeting must approve these monies annually. The CPC’s administrative funds can be used for the same kinds of expenses budgeted for any town department or committee to carry out its mission each year, such as employee salaries, office expenses and contractual services.

Brewster CPC History

In Brewster, the CPA replaced the Cape Cod Land Bank, which had previously funded Open Space acquisitions. The Act also created a State fund which will provide the Town with matching funds. The state match varies from year to year.

Property taxes traditionally fund the Town's day-to-day operating needs of safety, health, schools, roads, maintenance. - and more. The 3% CPA property tax surcharge generates additional needed revenue to meet Open Space, Community Housing, Historic Preservation, and Recreation goals.

What is the Application Process?

The CPC Funding Application is an electronic form and is available online via this link: Instructions for Applicants ( .  Applications should be submitted electronically according to the instructions in the CPC Funding Application document.

Applications should be submitted by July 1st for the fall meeting or December 1st for the spring meeting, to allow sufficient CPC review time for potential presentation to the following Brewster Town Meeting. Applications deemed CPA eligible, complete, and timely, are then reviewed in public hearings and decisions are made as to which applications will be approved for recommendation at Town Meeting. Voters at Town Meeting will then vote yes or no on CPC recommendations. 

Note:  Late submissions have been accepted in the past with the caveat that, if the committee cannot complete the review process, those late submissions may be deferred to the following town meeting.  Applicants who plan to submit a late application with the intention of making the warrant for the next town meeting should consult with the committee chair in advance.

The following are the CPC funding requests that were approved at the May 2016 Town Meeting.

The following is the CPC funding request that was approved at the November 2016 Town Meeting.

The following are funding requests that were approved at the May 2017 Town Meeting.

The following is the funding request that was approved at the November 2017 Town Meeting

The following are the funding requests that were approved at the May 2018 Town Meeting.

The follow are the funding requests that were approved at the Fall 2018 Town Meeting

The following are the funding requests that were approved at the May 2019 Annual Town Meeting.

The following are the funding requests that were approved at the Fall 2019 Town Meeting

The following are the funding requests that were approved at the 2020 Annual Town Meeting:

The following are the funding requests that were approved at the 2021 Annual Town Meeting:

  • Town of Brewster – Stony Brook Mill Retaining Wall
  • Town of Brewster – Housing Coordinator FY22
  • Cape and Islands Veterans Outreach Council– Veterans Home in Dennis
  • Brewster Affordable Housing Trust – Rental Assistance Program
  • Habitat for Humanity – Red Top Road Housing
  • Town of Brewster – Creation of Brewster Dog Park

The following are the  funding requests that were approved at the 2021 Fall Town Meeting:

  • Town of Brewster – Crosby Mansion Reconstruction and Restoration
  • Town of Brewster–Update Housing Production Plan

The following are the funding requests that were approved at the 2022 Annual Town Meeting:

  • Brewster Historical Society – Digitation of the Ellen St. Sure Collection
  • Town of Brewster – Housing Coordinator
  • Community Development Partnership – Cape Housing Institute
  • Pennrose – Cape Cod Five Affordable Housing

The following is a list of CPA funded projects along with financial information:

The following is a list of CPA funded projects along with financial information:

Forms, Applications, and Documents Agendas & Minutes Public Meeting Packets

For more information, contact Elizabeth Taylor, Clerk
508-896-3701 x1149
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Brewster Vision Advisory Group

Committee Members

Roberta  Barrett Member 6/30/19
Lucas  Dinwiddie Member 6/30/19
Jillian  Douglass Member 6/30/19
Carol  Edmondson Member 6/30/19
Patricia  Hess Member 6/30/19
Kari  Hoffmann Member 6/30/19
Don  Keeran Member 6/30/19
Hal  Minis Member 6/30/19
Susan  Searles Member 6/30/19


Documents & Resources Agendas & Minutes Video of Meetings

For more information contact the Planning Department
508-896-3701 x1233
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Affordable Housing Trust

Mission Statement

The Brewster Affordable Housing Trust (“BAHT”) seeks to expand and preserve year-round rental and ownership homes that are affordable to moderate, low, and very low income households. Our efforts will foster a welcoming environment for demographically and socio-economically diverse populations. The BAHT is committed to education, collaboration, and community engagement.

Committee Members

Maggie Spade-Aguilar 6/30/2022
Timothy Hackert 6/30/2022
Madalyn Hillis-Dineen 6/30/2023
Ned Chatelain 6/30/2021
Donna Kalinick 6/30/2022
Paul Ruchinskas 6/30/2023
Vanessa Greene 6/30/2023

Brewster Bylaw Chapter 18: Affordable Housing Trust Fund

2022 Goals & Priority Initiatives

Affordable Housing Trust Guidelines

Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Packets

For more information contact the Housing Office.

Jill Scalise, Housing Coordinator
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631
Phone: 508-896-3701, Ext. 1169

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Brewster Vision Planning Committee

The Vision Planning Committee (VPC) will continue to foster public outreach and communication around the implementation of the 2018 Vision Plan and work with Town staff and the community to develop a Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP) based on the Vision Plan Goals.

Committee Members

Sharon Tennstedt 6/30/2022
Patricia Hess 6/30/2023
Hal Minis 6/30/2023
Amanda Bebrin 6/30/2024
Andi Genser 6/30/2024
Frances Schofield 6/30/2024
Paul Wallace 6/30/2022

Committee Charge

Summary Papers

 Maps for Potential Town Center Locations


Agendas & Minutes Documents and Reports  Public Meeting Packets

For more information contact the Planning Department.

508-896-3701 x1233
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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Bay Property Planning Committee (BPPC)

The Bay Property Planning Committee was established in late 2021 tasked with developing a comprehensive plan for the former Cape Cod Sea Camps property located at 3057 Main Street.  The Committee is made up of eleven (11) members, appointed by the Select Board.  The term is for one year and is subject to annual reappointment.  The Committee has non-voting liaisons from the Finance Committee, Open Space Committee, Council on Aging, Affordable Housing Trust, and the Cultural Council.  There will also be non-voting representatives from organizations across the Cape.  The lead staff support is the Town Administrator and other Department Heads as needed. 

Member Name


Term End Date

Mary Chaffee

Select Board Representative


Ned Chatelain

Select Board Representative


Amanda Bebrin

Vision Planning Representative


Patricia Hughes

Natural Resources Representative


Thomas Wingard

Recreation Commission Representative


Karl Fryzel

At-Large Member


Peter Johnson

At- Large Member


Caroline McCarley

At-Large Member


Katie Miller-Jacobus

At-Large Member


Clare Rice-O’Connor

At-Large Member


John Phillips

At-Large Member


Minutes & Agendas

For more information on the Bay Property Planning Committee please review the full charge.

Contact the Town Administrator's Office

508-896-3701 x1100
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631

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