Seasonal Water Meter Followup

I wanted to reach out to all the residents of Brewster in regard to the results of our meetings with the local plumbers on February 27th and the Water Commissioners on March 7th. Plumbers were very understanding to the drastic changes being made to our seasonal program. The BWD reassured them we would do our best to work with them to make this process work as smoothly as possible.

It has been agreed upon that if a homeowner has a meter pit, a crawl space or a bulkhead which does not access the home, it is not necessary for anyone to meet us.

The Water Commissioners have decided to keep the fee for all seasonal turn and turn offs at $25.00 each.

Our Administrative Assistant Laura Hanna will continue to be your point of contact. You may email or call her directly with your seasonal turn on and turn off dates. I have enclosed her business card for your convenience.

Thank you again for your cooperation in this matter.

Paul Anderson