Water System Flushing Underway

System flushing for the area of town roughly east of Underpass and Foster Roads is underway. The first area to be flushed, Phase 5, will be from the standpipes at Rt. 137 and Underpass Rd., to Wells #1 & #2 off Freeman's Way. Roadways involved are Rt. 137 from Underpass Rd. to Jonathan's Way; Freeman's Way from Rt 137 to Rt. 6; Millstone Rd. from Rt. 137 to Moss Ln., including all side streets. There are four additional phases to complete flushing maintenance for east side of town. Timing to complete these phases depends on the progress of clearing the mains. Flushing is crucial to maintaining clean water and any discoloration is an aesthetic issue and not a health hazard. If residents are concerned, they may run water until it runs clear, preferably from an outside spigot so it will not burden their septic system. A FAQ on water flushing is available.

The Department will flush during the hours of 8:30 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday throughout the spring period. Signboards will be posted on the major roads in the area notifying the residents of flushing. The Department suggests residents of the posted area limit day time water use, if possible, and check the hot and cold water for clarity before doing laundry or for other domestic purposes. Water clarity should return quickly after flushing has ended each day. Some areas may be affected more that others and customers in areas immediately surrounding the posted areas may also be affected. Department customers west of Underpass Rd. should not be significantly affected by discolored water during the flushing of these last five phases.

We apologize for any inconvenience experienced and appreciate the continued cooperation of Brewsters' water customers in this effort to maintain the highest quality potable water possible. If there are any questions regarding this program or if you have any water quality critical equipment, such as medical (dialysis etc.) or professional (dental or medical etc.) please call 896-5454 during regular office hours for details.