Recycling/Trash at Beach Recreational Areas

The Town will provide both recycling and trash removal services at Brewster Beaches and Recreational areas. We need your cooperation to make this program a success! Here’s how you can help:

  • Please use the beach lot/recreational trash container to dispose of your beach/recreational trash only. If the trash container is full, please take your trash home with you that day. Trash containers will be monitored.
  • Please use the designated recycling container for your recyclable plastic and metal containers. If plastics can easily be ‘squished’ please do so to make room for others.
  • Brewster does not allow glass on the beach or at recreational areas. It can break and create issues for bare feet and tires, so please respect your fellow beach goers and recreational users and leave glass containers for home use.
  • Please don’t put trash in the bins that are designated for recycling. Contamination of recyclables means they can’t be recycled and that’s a waste!
  • Please be respectful of your environment and others; take pride in your surroundings by keeping them clean and green.
  • Please do not put any trash or recyclables, other than what you used at the beach or recreation area in our containers. Not only is this illegal, but it creates overflow issues.