Resident Beach Parking Permit Regulations



1. General Eligibility and Requirements

a. Permits are required June 15th through the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend from 9am to 4pm.
b. Eligible persons for the purpose of these rules and regulations are persons who are entitled to resident beach parking permits as they meet the real estate property owner or year round resident requirements outlined below.
c. The burden of proof of resident permit eligibility rests on the applicant. At all times the permit remains the property of the Town of Brewster. The person who has purchased the permit has purchased a use privilege, not the permit itself. The permit may be confiscated if it is misused.
d. A valid motor vehicle registration must be submitted for each permit request. All permits are vehicle specific. Each permit will bear the license plate number of the vehicle to which it was issued and shall be valid only if permanently attached to the vehicle.
e. Guests and relatives of residents/taxpayers are not eligible for a resident/taxpayer permit. This includes members of the immediate family or relatives who are temporarily residing in the Town.
f. Each household is entitled to purchase (2) resident permits at the resident rate of $25.00 per permit. Any permits over (2) in a household are $40.00 per vehicle.

2. Real Estate Property Owners

a. Current year real estate tax bill is required with a minimum annual bill of $450.00
b. Applicants must appear by name on the current real estate tax bill and/or assessor’s list of property owners. New owners who do not have a current year real estate tax bill must provide a copy of the quitclaim deed.
c. Spouses and Domestic Partners of real estate property owners are eligible with proof of relationship to or common household with the property owner (e.g. driver’s license, car registration with same address as the property owner).
d. Dependent Children under age 19 (or up to age 24 with a college ID) who live with the listed property owner are eligible for resident parking permits. Valid vehicle registration for each vehicle with the resident or property owner as the owner of the vehicle. The dependent will need to show identification with the same year-round address as the listed property owner (driver’s license, picture ID or student ID)
e. For properties held in trusts, the trustees of the trust are eligible, not the beneficiaries. Trustees must present excerpts of the trust documents showing the Brewster address and the names of trustees.

3. Non Property Owner Residents

a. Resident must live in Brewster 12 months a year, if vehicle is not registered in Brewster a copy of a 12 month lease must be provided. If a lease is not available, 12 months’ worth of a utility bill must be provided. For tenancy at will, 12 months’ worth of a utility bill must be provided.
b. Direct Family members (brother/sister/mother/father) of the property owner must reside in the Brewster property 12 months per year as their permanent residence, with proof (drivers’ license with Brewster address) or are otherwise not entitled to resident permits.

4. Miscellaneous

a. Active duty military personnel whose home of record is Brewster are eligible for permits.
b. If the vehicle is leased, the lease agreement or a monthly bill must be provided in the eligible person’s name.
c. If the vehicle for the permit is being sought is registered to a business, proof of the eligible person’s ownership of or employment by the business must be provided (e.g. business card or letter on company letterhead).
d. An eligible person who does not drive or own a vehicle may ‘transfer’ their permit to one vehicle for the season. A letter must be submitted to the Selectmen’s office from the eligible individual stating that they no longer drive or do not own a vehicle and to whom they wish to transfer the permit to, including the registration number of the vehicle. The eligible person must be in the vehicle at the time of entry to the beach or pond parking area.

5. Misuse of Permits – The following shall be considered a misuse of permits:

a. Registration on permit does not match the license plate of the vehicle to which it is affixed.
b. Permit has been altered, defaced, copied or made unreadable.
c. Permit not permanently affixed to the vehicle.

6. Penalties and Revocation of Permit

a. The Board of Selectmen or their agent, may revoke permits for misuse.
b. Persons whose permit has been revoked have the right to appeal within ten days, in writing, to the Selectmen’s office.