Rules & Regulations for Beach Fire Permits

  1. Beach Fires are not permitted on any Town owned public beaches.In addition, according to Laws governing the use of State property enacted in 2015 beach fires shall not be permitted on Crosby Beach.
  2. Owners and/or renters of properties with private beach access are permitted to conduct beach fires following the protocol below:
    • The requesting parties must visit the Brewster Fire Department located at 1657 Main Street Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. to obtain a permit. There is no fee. 
    • Proof of property ownership, rental agreement, a letter from the owner, or a letter from the property association permitting beach fires at the location must be displayed when applying for a permit. A valid license is also required to confirm identity.
  3. The person obtaining the permit must be in attendance with the permit at all times.
  4. The fire shall be burned between 6:00pm and 10:00pm
  5. The fire is to be built on the beach below the mean high-tide line. No fires are allowed in the dunes.
  6. The fire is not to be left un-attended at any time.
  7. The fire is for cooking only, not meant to be a bonfire.
  8. The fire is to be completely extinguished when finished. Do not cover with sand to extinguish.
  9. All remains of the fire and any trash or personal articles must be completely removed from the beach.