Voting & Bylaw Information

The 2022 Election Calendar Is Available In PDF Format

Registering to Vote: US Citizens, 18 years of age or older, who are residents of the Town of Brewster may register to vote at the Town Clerk's Office in the Brewster Town Offices, at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, or by mail. For more information, contact the Town Clerk or see the Commonwealth of Massachusett's website

Absentee Ballot Requests:  must be returned to the Town Clerk's Office; 2198 Main Street by the fifth business day before the election, so for a Tuesday election it would be the previous Tuesday. Absentee voting in the office may still occur until noon the day before the election.

Town Meetings are the legislative body for the Town of Brewster and are open to all registered voters. They are held each Spring and Fall. Full warrants are available in the Brewster Town Offices, on our Website, and at the Town Meeting. The 2022 Election Calendar is available in the Town Clerk and Elections document archive. 

The Town Code (bylaws) are available in a searchable online format. Click here to access Brewster Code Online.

Election and Town Meeting Records and Results are available in our Document Portal.